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We provide all aspects of publishing services. We can manage a complete spectrum of publishing; from Self-publication to promotional printing, in allied health and biopharmaceutical development. From collaborative writing, printing, distribution, and publicity to design and promotion: We are the one stop shop for your publishing services.
You can always rely on us for reliable, practical and prudent information about the relevant topics.
Global Allied Pharmaceuticals has brought stake holders of the allied heath and biopharmaceutical industry for effective, efficient and self-help published materials including books that will deal with many new cutting edge fundamentals of the industry, and will also provide better understanding of the topics. Launched by oncologist Timothy Allen in 2014, GAP- Publishing pioneered a style of self-help/companion book that has become the industry standard of today. We believe that the job of these books and publications are to sharpen the skills of the readers to improve their professional growth. The publishing program of GAP is being led by the thought leaders of the industry and allied health. Our successful titles, turnkey operations in collaborative self- authorship, corporate training and slotting are all innovative measures that GAP- Publishing has pioneered.
Although we publish books and review- papers on Immune Oncology, Cancer Treatment, Global Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs: We also thrive to appreciate new areas of capability. Our recent selection of safety and surveillance book has brought a great deal of recognition by professionals.
Our titles are widely recommended by leaders of the biopharmaceutical industry, health care professionals, including known opinion leaders to their colleagues and patients. Companies use our books as prescribed material to self- train their internal and external customers.
GAP- Publishing intends to develop our publishing program into several novel and electrifying areas. In every effort, you can always depend on us for consistent, hands-on, and pertinent information about the topics that interest you most.