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Portal Development

We have the proper expertise, knowledge, experience, and the available staff to provide the necessary web portal development for your team. We are experts in B2B, B2C, share point, and e- commerce. We provide portal designing, development, and maintenance under the same roof. We produce the interactive, innovative, and efficient portal solutions for our clients. We are fully capable to fit your needs in developing the portal that serves your needs.

Community Portal Development (CPD)

CPD will translate the viewers’ relationships into absolute e- commerce. We increase the interaction with the customers in generating proper market development and brand awareness. We produce horizontal/brand based vertical growth to fit your needs.

Enterprise Portals (EP)

EP is necessary for a company to produce its desired information to the viewers and consumers worldwide. It combines the marketing and technical aspects of the IT skills in development of an efficient e- commerce based system. This is intricate and technical. Only skilled professionals can achieve the goal.

E-Marketplace Portal Development

GAP- IT produces the necessary e-marketplace portal which fits your needs. Your organization will directly connect with the consumers and its viewers in trading via this portal. It offers the conduit to facilitate competitive systems in exchanging inter- business translations.

Intranet Portal Development

We produce the necessary protected and safe venue to exchange information internally and isolated from the outside world. We offer information taxonomy, search and news related to enterprise, among other opportunities. Keep your team informed and updated.

Let us partner up with you in producing the following:

  • B2B portal development
  • E-commerce Portal
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Shopping Cart Portal Development
  • Online Travel portal (web site)
  • JOB Site Web Portal
  • Knowledge Portal Development
  • Real estate Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • B2C portal development
  • Corporate Intranet Portals
  • Job portal Development etc.

We achieve it all by:

  • Search Engine Optimization content development for the site with targeted keywords.
  • Develop keyword density in links.
  • Images optimization (load time with alt tag)
  • Optimization of all the pages of the site with keywords