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About Us

Global Allied Pharmaceuticals (GAP) is a unique turn- key and strategic consulting services company serving the pharma/biotech/medical devices industries for the past 14 years. We have a unique competency in Oncology, Immune Oncology, and R & D in development of immune combination/formulation therapies targeting a variety of malignancies. We are a robust team of physicians, with the therapeutic aligned ability, to provide a complete turn- key set of services across the complete spectrum of drug development and beyond. We have served our clients in over 18 major launchings within the past decade in Oncology alone. GAP has been the technical leader involved in eight (8) launchings in Pulmonary and Respiratory, five(5) launchings in Cardiovascular, as well as three (3) launchings in Infectious Disease.

We are a US based company with comprehensive global presence. GAP has represented clients in many regions including North Africa and the Middle East as well as South and Central America. Our task force in SFDA is matched to none in China. GAP provides services, investment portfolio, as well as technology empowerment to the companies. We are a core B2B company, with the ability to take your ideas to the mass market. Our individual Commodity Services, Consulting Amenities, and Technology Empowerment Programs are well known in the world of drugs and devices.

We are providers of expert development services, to support and attain leadership, in the CRO industry. GAP is owned and operated by a sophisticated group of physicians and scientists with one thing in common: Distinction with Brilliance.